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Where is Everyone? - Baekdal.com

These days, everyone is trying to figure out how to connect with other people. It used to be simple, you just placed some ads in whatever newspaper that was most suited to your product, but now that world is becoming ever more irrelevant. So how do you connect with other people today? And more importantly, how do you do it tomorrow?

eLearning Learning - Tony Karrer

eLearning Learning, a collection of blog posts and articles all around eLearning, now has a blog.

The long tail of blogging is dying - guardian.co.uk

Why? Because blogging isn't easy. More precisely, other things are easier - and it's to easier things that people are turning. Facebook's success is built on the ease of doing everything in one place. (Search tools can't index it to see who's talking about what, which may be a benefit or a failing.) Twitter offers instant content and reaction. Writing a blog post is a lot harder than posting a status update, putting a funny link on someone's Wall, or tweeting. People are still reading blogs, and other content. But for the creation of amateur content, their heyday for the wider population has, I think, already passed. The short head of blogging thrives. Its long tail, though, has lapsed into desuetude.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Lifestream - The Steve Rubel Lifestream

It's been a few days since I announced that I was abandoning my blog in favor of a lifestream. The move seems to be going well as comments have been coming in at a good clip. Here's a quick rundown answers to of some common questions that came in via Twitter, Friendfeed and comments...

Top 10 Productivity Basics Explained - lifehacker

There's a core set of habits and techniques that filter and color a lot of what we write about at Lifehacker, but we rarely step back to explain them for newcomers. Let's get back to basics with 10 productivity tactics.