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Adding Audio to Adobe Captivate - Michael Hanley in E-Learning Curve Blog

Besides giving detailed instructions and hints for adding audio to Adobe Captivate projects, Michael, also writes of why we need to add audio in our elearning platforms...

According to Colvin Clark & Mayer (2002) there are six different "broadly applicable" media element guidelines to follow when undertaking e-learning instruction. These guidelines are:

  • The Multimedia Principle: Use words and graphics rather than words alone.
  • The Contiguity Principle: Place corresponding words and graphics near each other
  • The Modality Principle: Present words as audio narration rather than onscreen text.
  • The Redundancy Principle: Presenting words in both text and audio narration can hurt learning.
  • The Coherence Principle: Adding interesting material can hurt learning
  • The Personalization Principle: Use conversational style and virtual coaches.

Blogging Your Way Into A Job - Forbes

It can help control how you come up in online searches of your name. "Recruiters will always try to find out more about you," says Liz Lynch, author of Smart Networking. "They Google you. You want to stack the deck in your favor. If you're competing with someone who has equal skills and experience, a blog can be the tie-breaker. Having that little bit extra can tip the scales in your favor."

Also see HOW TO: Find a Job on Twitter - Mashable.

Video technology and social software can cut employee training costs - SearchUnifiedCommunications.com

For more in-depth training, such as a new process or a tutorial on using a software system, a wiki entry or Yammer message just might not suffice.

Video-on-demand can be an effective supplement, even a replacement, for in-person training sessions, particularly if it can cut down on travel costs or ease the headache of coordinating the schedules of multiple trainees and trainers.

Neuroscientists Map Intelligence In The Brain - Science Daily

Somewhat surprisingly, the study revealed a large amount of overlap in the brain regions responsible for verbal comprehension and working memory, which suggests that these two now-separate measures of cognitive ability may actually represent the same type of intelligence, at least as assessed using the WAIS.

Be It Twittering or Blogging, It's All About Marketing - New York Times

The introvert can write a blog, offering expertise and making a personal connection with the customer. Charisma or an over-the-top personality wouldn't mean anything in the wine business if I didn't know a zinfandel from a Chardonnay.

Last December, seeking to enhance sales, he offered free shipping and promoted it three ways. As a result, he said, a direct marketing mailing cost $15,000 and brought in 200 new customers; a billboard ad cost $7,500 and won 300 new customers; and tweeting the promotion on Twitter attracted 1,800 new customers. No wonder he loves the online approach and is in demand as a consultant by businesses as large as Disney and as small as neighborhood hardware stores.

Why You Are Not Your Brain - Scientific American

Consciousness requires the joint operation of brain, body and world. "You are not your brain. The brain, rather, is part of what you are."


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