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The Real Driver - Metropolis

When you design for people, you should really know what you're doing to them both physically and psychologically. But what I learned through application is that this knowledge can become a superb form of market analysis. It is fundamental: if you know what people do, how they do things, what their reactions are - and if you can measure all this - then you have a foundation reference for what they could use or want. You don't have to go out and ask them, or track previous sales records, or determine what products are selling well.

Captivate 4: How to capture, store and display your user's name - Steve Howard's eLearning ++ Blog

The new custom variables in Adobe Captivate 4 make it fairly easy to capture, store and display your users name. Once stored you can also add the name to the Certificate widget and use it in many other ways.

m-learning: just another fad? - Learning Pool's Blog

During the mid to late 1990's we saw the emergence of e-learning; during the early 2000's the new phrase of 'blended' learning was all the rage; and over the last twelve months m-learning has become the latest buzz word to grip the learning and development profession.

Groups Share Information In Workplace, But Not The 'Right' Information - Science Daily

The analysis showed that teams that spent time sharing new information performed better overall in their tasks. But they also found that most teams spent their time discussing information that was already known by the rest of the group. Groups whose members talked more openly during meetings were on better terms with one another but that did not necessarily mean they performed better.

Great Shot! How To Take Digital Pictures - Forbes

One way to hone your photographic skills is to keep going back to the same location. Try different angles and different perspective. Shoot at different times of day, different seasons and different weather conditions. You might be amazed at the new images you can capture by "working" the same site.

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