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IDEO's Ten Tips For Creating a 21st-Century Classroom Experience - Metropolis

Insights provide powerful lessons for architects and designers creating the schools of tomorrow. Also see Open-Ended Learning.

Information Wants to Be Expensive - Wall Street Journal

When author Stewart Brand coined the expression "Information wants to be free," he focused on how technology makes it cheap and easy to communicate and share knowledge. But the rest of his quote is rarely noticed.

iTunes U better than attending class? - Lars is Learning

ReadWriteWeb and New Scientist picked up on a preliminary piece of research that suggests better retention and learning is achieved through using an audio podcast of a lecture than actually attending it. This says, "Information also wants to be expensive." The right information in today's complex economy and society can make a huge difference in our professional and personal lives. Not having this information can also make a big difference, especially if someone else does have it. And for valuable information, online is a great new way for it to be valued.

More Evidence Supports the Need for Caution - Net Gen Skeptic

Results of research being conducted that the BC Institute of Technology cast serious doubt on many of the Net Generation claims.

3D Training, Learning and Collaboration (3D TLC) conference

3D Training, Learning and Collaboration (3D TLC) conference taking place April 20-21, 2009 in Washington, DC, is the leading event for businesses seeking to understand and maximize business strategies using virtual worlds. 3D virtual worlds have broad implications for business not the least of which is cost savings and energy conservation. Attendees will hear valuable insight, information, and best practices about what innovators and early adopter organizations are doing right now, including what works and why. Our first announced keynote is Joe Little, Chief Technology Office, BP Group. BP has chosen Virtual Worlds as the game changing technology for (2008/9). Joe will discuss how the decision to focus on Virtual Worlds came about, what business issues are being addressed via the technology, what challenges he has faced in implementing solutions and what results he has seen from early pilots.

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