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preparing to be wrong - Reflective Design

Why is this instructional design insight - big concept teaching and learning - important for interaction design? For one, every interaction, every interface, must be learned. A design will be easier to learn if it is consistent (shares critical properties) with other designs. For example, we can learn to operate a new Mac application if we know how to operate other Mac applications. Certain menus are positioned in the same way making it easier for us to learn the fundamental controls. The designed consistency creates a big concept design for the user-learners.

Are you a good negotiator? - Fortune

1. After a job interview, HR calls to offer you the job. The staffer names a salary 15% higher than you're making and says the benefits are generous.

She doesn't have time to negotiate the terms right now, but wants to know if you're going to accept. Since you really want the job, you should say yes now and hammer out the details tomorrow.

Critical Reflection

It is often difficult to encourage reflection among learners. Gustafson and Bennett (1999) found that promoting reflection among military cadets by means of written responses in "diaries" was difficult. Cadets across three different years generally did not produce responses indicating any deep reflection. Although the results were disappointing, they are consistent with the research literature on promoting reflection that generally indicates it is difficult to accomplish (Stamper, 1996).

In their work, Gustafson and Bennett identified eleven variables that affected the cadets' lack of reflective behavior.

The End of Web 2.0, Beginning of Web Infinity - Web Monkey

Business Week's Rob Hof, on the other hand, takes a more modest approach. He argues the ideas and momentum of Web 2.0 continues and pundits' words should be supplemented with a dose of skepticism. Just because a social network or video site may not make it through a recession doesn't mean the end to Ajax, APIs, widgets and the continuing design theories of big buttons, graphs, tabbed menus and large text.

An Ignoble But Much Needed End To Web 2.0, Marked By A Party In Cyprus - TechCrunch

Goodbye, Web 2.0. I hope I never have to type those words again. Now can we please get back to work? There's still a ton left to do before we get to Matrix-style virtual reality, the Singularity, and mobile phones with batteries that last a whole day.

Also, watch the video, it has Facebook Connect Dave Morin, his Google girlfriend Brittany Bohnet, Facebook product design lead/former Macster developer Aaron Sittig, Apple producer/designer Jessica Bigarel, WSJ tech reporter Jessica Vascellaro, Drop.io founder Sam Lessin, Blip.tv cofounder Mike Hudack and they are all lip-synching to Journey's Don't Stop Believin.

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