Wikipedia, Stress, Innovation, & Twitter

I'm a Wikipedia Inclusionist - Science Blogs
Wikipedia is far beyond the level where it need prove anything to the world. It's there, it's huge, it's extremely useful, and whenever I find it lacking on some point I have endless opportunity to do something about it.

Correct Levels Of Stress Hormones Boost Learning, Squirrel Study Suggests - Science News
In humans, cortisol production is also related to stress and is known to have an impact on learning, but that impact is not well understood, Mateo said. The research on ground squirrels could point to additional avenues of research. For how this might work, see the Yerkes-Dodson law.

Try setting drastic expectations - BQF Innovations
This is what GE Capital says about expectations, It is expected that we will grow our earnings by 20% per year or more. When you have objectives that are outlandish it forces you to think differently about your opportunities.

Innovation makes CIOs business leaders, experts say - Search CIO
(Note: Switch the term "CIO" for any leader within any part of your organization) "That's probably the single biggest thing people have got to get over is this notion that innovation is this very unique, disruptive thing," said Mark McDonald, Gartner group vice president of executive programs. "If I have such a narrow view of innovation, then what happens is that I don't do a lot of it."

How Twitter makes it real - BBC
As I sit here writing I feel connected to a community of people, feel that we share a space that none of the social network sites can conjure up, a space that is both here and not here, somewhere between offline and online.

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