Critics, Crowd-sourcing, & Memes

New Model Army - Metropolismag
Fine art has inspired a degree of discernment since cavemen doodled at Lascaux and is routinely dissected in publications as varied as Artforum, Time Out, and the New York Review of Books. Design, on the other hand, has only warranted formal scrutiny in the United States in the last 60 years, coinciding with the post-World War -- surfeit of stuff.

Workers know best: Job market weak - CNN

Crowd-sourcing beats the experts: If you want to know what's going to happen to the labor market, don't ask an economist - ask your neighbor or co-worker.

Dan Dennett: Ants, terrorism, and the awesome power of memes (Video - 15:39 min) - TED
Starting with the deceptively simple story of an ant, Dan Dennett, philosopher and scientist, unleashes a dazzling sequence of ideas, making a powerful case for the existence of "memes."

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