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Team-based E-learning Turns A New Page - Science Daily
Most e-learning systems are based on modules, students work through a curriculum. Usually a student has something to learn, and the tutor sets questions or an assignment to test what they have learned. Collaborative learning through teamwork projects need an entire project management system, but with e-learning functionality built

The commoditization of knowledge - David Weinberger
The person looking up an acronym was looking up a fact, but the person skimming the Wikipedia article on the 1996 Telecommunications Act was ingesting knowledge, not just facts; she very likely wanted to understand what the Act was about, not get a list of dates and bullet points.

5 ways to make linear navigation more interesting - Making Change
Methods to build interest so that the learner wants to continue by clicking the Next button.

The Post-it Way - CE Buzz
I'm not going to convert all my training materials to Post-it notes, but I could do more to apply the "what you need to do" filter to instructional design.

Humans Are Just Machines for Propagating Memes - Wired
A meme is an idea or thing that is passed from person to person and is either adopted for its usefulness or other purpose -- in some cases becoming a wildly popular idea that can't be stopped -- or abandoned to die a quick and ignoble death. A meme can be a song or snippet of a song, a dance, an urban legend, an expression or behavior, a product brand or even a religion.

Venti Learning with Foam: A Video Report from Starbucks - The Masie Center
On Feb 26, 2008, Starbucks closed over 7,000 stores for a unique 3 hour company wide training effort. The following day, Elliott Masie visited the local Starbucks in Saratoga Springs, NY and did an in-depth interview with the store manager on the learning outcomes, processes and texture of this experiment.

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