Performance, Crowdsourcing, Learning, Design, & iPods

I'm Not Really Running, I'm Not Really Running... - New York Times
All maximum performances are actually pseudo-maximum performances. You are always capable of doing more than you are doing.

Should your company 'crowdsource' its next project? - Computerworld
Whether it's to increase loyalty among customers speed up development time or cast outward for innovative ideas, companies are trying on many styles of 'crowdsourcing'

Humans Appear Hardwired To Learn By 'Over-Imitation' - Science Daily
Children's ability to imitate can actually lead to confusion when they see an adult doing something in a disorganized or inefficient way. Watching an adult doing something wrong can make it much harder for kids to do it right.

Is good design just a formula? - Ravi Vora
The function of design is to make the product more usable and improve the usability of the product's function. Yet, as we all know, great design is innovative and different. The simpler and better the design can be, the more enjoyable and easier it makes our lives.

What Did the Professor Say? Check Your iPod - New York Times Students already have an iPod and they already use them all the time. You don't need to train them. They are very expert at clicking back and forward to the exact spot they want. They don't listen from start to finish.

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