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Mirror Neurons -- Rock Stars or Backup Singers? - Scientific American
The reversal of the mirror effect was found: watching index-finger movement resulted in more electrical activity in the pinky, and watching pinky movement produced more activity in the index finger. The brain learned new sensory-motor associations, and it is these associations that underlie the mirror neuron-like effect.

Top 10 ways to un-bake your brain - jonathanfields - awake @ the wheel
Stress is GOOD. . . when there's a reason for it. But, when that stress becomes chronic, the exact opposite happens.

My Unfashionable Legacy - strategy+business
You have to build the authority to insist on accountability and performance -- including in sisting on getting it from your superiors -- but you also have to give up authority to anyone who is capable of wielding it effectively. And you have to accomplish all this in corporations that set up incentives (such as stock options) that punish long-term investment and favor short-term measures: cutting head counts, selling off underperforming businesses, and cashing in on quick gains.

6 Things That Are Right with Schools - Parent Resources

  1. inspiring teachers
  2. inspired students
  3. a commitment to educate everyone
  4. fine facilities and equipment
  5. caring, sensitive administrators
  6. plenty of choices

Corporate eLearning's Dirty little Secret - WE DON'T USE eLEARNING! At least not very much - corporate elearning strategies and development
Actually the part that seems crazy to me is that training departments are creating internal training to train themselves on the tools of their trade.

A child's view of the $100 laptop
What will a child in the UK make of a laptop designed to help children in the developing world? Rory Cellan-Jones brought an XO home to find out.

The Contrast Triangle (Rare Optical Phenomenon)
A psychological effect. The dark "triangle" between the moon and the surface of the ocean. Place your hand over the bright, reflected moonlight in the ocean, and the dark area disappears!!

NONE OF THE ABOVE: What I.Q. doesn't tell you about race - The New Yorker
Malcolm Gladwell discusses the Flynn effect

Learning Financials
Learning Tree Swings to 4Q Profit

Plato Learning 4Q loss wider than expected, revenue falls short

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