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US eLearning Market Reaches $13.6 Billion in 2007 - PR Web
The current industry is growing at 22% with new buyers demanding new types of products. Free Executive Overview.

The Hybrid Learning Model describe learning activities as a series of understandable and universal set of learning events where the teachers and students experience and roles are clearly defined at each stage.

Understanding Web Design - JEFFREY ZELDMAN
Web design is the creation of digital environments that facilitate and encourage human activity; reflect or adapt to individual voices and content; and change gracefully over time while always retaining their identity.

The New Psychology of Leadership - Scientific American
Strong leadership arises out of a symbiotic relationship between leaders and followers within a given social group—and hence requires an intimate understanding of group psychology. When a shared social identity exists, individuals who can best represent that identity will have the most influence over the group's members and be the most effective leaders.

PDI Pulse on Leaders Study Shows 27 Percent of Boss-Rated High Potentials Also Have a High Risk of Derailment - CLO
High-performing individuals are used to success but often don't take the time to consider how it is achieved or how their actions impact others.

Republic.com 2.0 - Larry Prusak
The Daily Me: the great number of blogs, etc. on the web and the fact that most of us only read a tiny bit of this and then just what we know will confirm us in our beliefs. This can lead to "excessive confidence, extremism, contempt for others, and sometimes even violence."


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