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Web Design-isms: 7 Surefire Styles that Work - Vitamin
Fashion is in one minute and out the next because we get bored of looking at the same things day after day. The same pattern will occur in web design. However, just as there are mainstays of good fashion, such as the little back dress, there are also mainstays of good web design. While directed at web design, it spills over to ID.

Shake Hands With Danger - Internet Archive
A classic saftey film is avalible for viewing on the web. Although civiian in nature (produced by Caterpillar), it was quite popular in the Armed Forces. This is the way instructional videos were meant to be made!

Gender differences in learning style preferences among undergraduate physiology students - The American Journal of Pathology
A majority of male students preferred multimodal instruction, specifically, four modes (VARK), whereas a majority of female students preferred single-mode instruction with a preference toward K. Thus, male and female students have significantly different learning styles.

Euro-update 2: Is science art? - Cognitive Daily

The article itself is only slightly interesting. But what really shines is the discussion it provokes. Last count - 41 comments.

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