knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/20/2006

Eye movement, visual memory, and peanut butter sandwiches - Cognitive Daily
Experiments on change blindness have revealed striking limitations in visual memory. Yet new research shows that perhaps visual memory isn't as limited as once was thought.

The Weblog Project
The first open-source movie documentary about blogs and bloggers.

Colleges fail to tap training dollars - Columbus Dispatch
U.S. public and private em- ployers spend about $80 billion a year providing their employees with job-related training, Eduventures said. Private companies account for more than $50 billion of that, and spend about $13.3 billion on outside providers, it said. Colleges could meet the demand by customizing courses and marketing them more aggressively, Eduventures said.

Cubicle Culture: How brainstorming works best - Post Gazette
Some brainstorming sessions get off to a shaky start because the participants subscribe to a tenet that is provably false: "There's no such thing as a bad idea."

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