knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/11/2006

Connectivism and the nature of learning - Albert Ip
With the advent of communication and digital technology, we interact with more people beyond the immediate physical reach. We simultaneously participate in many communities.

The Art Of Motivation - Business Week
At Nucor the art of motivation is about an unblinking focus on the people on the front line of the business. It's about talking to them, listening to them, taking a risk on their ideas, and accepting the occasional failure.

Communities of practice: legitimate peripheral participation and lurking - Joitske Hulsebosch
Legitimate peripheral participation is an analytical perspective (LPP) that has to do with opening the practice to someone who is not a core member and who has something if not a lot to learn about the practice.

Wiki's -- Failure or Boon of Online Collectivism? - Will at Work Learning
My main concern with wiki's is that information from real experts can be stupified to the mediocre averaging of above-average minds.

The Next Big Thing: Spreadsheets? - Business Week
It's kind of funny that the original killer app for the PC is returning as a key service for the Web--by one of the guys who originated it, no less. Also, see Jay Cross' post on spreadsheets. And don't forget Dan Bricklin.

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