knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/13/2006

Gates: 'Information overload' is overblown - ZD Net
"I'd say in all of these cases, we are really dealing with information underload," Gates said in his talk, which kicked off Microsoft's annual CEO Summit. "We still want a lot of information."

On "Digital Maoism: The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism" By Jaron Lanier - Edge
When Jaron Lanier's piece on "Digital Maoism" first went out on Edge, I knew he'd be generating hundreds of responses all over the net. After talking to John Brockman, we decided to try to capture some of the best responses here.

Some Educators Fear Pull Results in 'a La Carte' Learning - Red Orbit
John Seely Brown, national consultant, co-founder of the Institute for Research on Learning and former chief scientist of Xerox Corporation, comments that, "Maybe the time has come to take a bold move and ask, could we radically rethink what schooling, formal learning and informal learning, could be all about."

Intranet 2.0: Collaboration, Self-Publishing And Tools Mash-up New Driving Forces - Robin Good
The internet is evolving from a channel for content distribution to a platform for collaboration, sharing and innovation – the so-called Web 2.0.

Intentions - The Sift Everything Expiriment
Creating art and creating dreams can be a long, tedious, intentional process. But both art and dreams require a set of intentions instead of a series of responses.

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