Knowledge and Learning In The News - 2/8/2006

A Convergence: Complex Systems Theory, Open Space Technology, Frames, Freakonomics, and the Wisdom of Crowds - Dave pollard
In some recent work I have been doing, it occurred to me that Open Space Technology might provide a framework for capturing the Wisdom of Crowds to resolve complex problems.

Money Motive Can Revitalize Classrooms - Donald Clark
People, no matter what age, must see a learning moment as relevent and important. If that teaching or training moment has no real impact on the learners' lives, then why should they bother to remember it?

Testing students for 'technology literacy' - Seattle PI
When it comes to downloading music and instant messaging, today's students are plenty tech-savvy. But that doesn't mean they know how to make good use of the endless stream of information that computers put at their fingertips.

Motivation, Learning, Rewards and Today's Technology - Donald Clark
I wondered how yesterdays' behaviorists would describe today's generation as they "push" the keys on their computers, cell phones, and iPods.

"Cyberspace" Is Dead - Wired
Twenty years after William Gibson coined the term cyberspace in his novel Neuromancer, we live in a world of smart objects, always-on devices, and perpetually open information channels. Also, see blog.

WHO REALLY WON THE SUPER BOWL?: The Story of an Instant-Science Experiment - Marco Iacoboni
Who won the Super Bowl ads competition? If a good indicator of a successful ad is activity in brain areas concerned with reward and empathy, two winners seem to be the 'I am going to Disney' ad and the Bud 'office' ad.

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