Knowledge and Learning In The News - 2/24/2006

February 24, 2006

Apple's iTunesU puts college lectures on your iPod - News 10
Almost a dozen universities, including some from the Ivy League, have agreed to take part in a pilot project run by Apple called iTunesU. Tag:

Mapping informal relationships at a company is revealing -- and useful - Business Week
The use of social network analysis as a management tool is accelerating. Given the current emphasis on managing talent, companies are hungry for ways to find and nurture their organizations' most in-the-know employees. Also, see: Untangling Office Connections

Wait! Was Blink right after all? - Malcolm Gladwel
An intriguing paper from Science on why important decisions may be best made without deliberation.

Focus on the Trends, Not the Hype - Steve Rubel
Daniel Gross thinks the blog bubble is about to burst. He's basing this on the number of magazine cover stories that have chronicled blogging, equating it to the dot-com era hype.

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