Knowledge and Learning In The News - 2/16/2006

Information Overload: Blogs As Content Navigators, Information Filters, Trusted Niche Guides - Robin Good
In the book by P. Evans and T.S. Wursters, Blown to Bits: How the New Economics of Information Transforms Strategy, authors speak about richness and reach: how companies could offer either rich information that is highly specialized and geared towards a niche market or they could have reach, more generalized information that is not as rich, but has a broader appeal. CompUSA has reach, while an Apple store has richness.
gada.be: Information Overload

20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have - The Journal
During the last 15 years, we in education have moved at light speed in the area of educational technology. Whether you are involved in higher ed, secondary ed, elementary ed, or special ed, all of us find it difficult to catch up, keep up, and put up with fast-moving computer-based technology.

Linkology - New York Magazine
There are upwards of 27 million blogs in the world. To discover how they relate to one another, we've taken the most-linked-to 50 and mapped their connections.

That's Not What I Meant - Dave Pollard
Wired News has a report on research that suggests the tone, and often the intent, of half of all e-mail is misconstrued by readers. Part of this is the general imprecision of language itself (and our lack of skill in using this blunt tool).

Cracks In the Wall - Forbes
With engineering help from half a dozen Western firms, the Chinese Communist Party has erected a huge apparatus to censor free speech. A ragtag crew of hacker dissidents may succeed in tearing it down.

Stop Wasting Money on Training - ISPI
Organizations waste enormous sums of money on training when it's not appropriate, sufficient, or effective. Stop wasting that money. Use it, instead, to make a difference in worthwhile learning and valued performance.

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