Knowledge and Learning In The News - 9/18/2005

Emotionally Evocative Design - Donald Clark A mix of design, development, and context should theoretically help the learners build their knowledge and skill bases. Yet this combination often fails because it leaves one important piece of the puzzle -- Emotionally Evocative Design. Getting Real: Don't pick the tools ahead of the craftsman - Signal vs. Noise Would you settle on a brush and then go look for a painter that could use it? Or would you rather find a good painter and then let him use the brushes he sees fit for the task. Put like that, I'd wager few would argue for the former. But when it comes to technology, it happens all the time. The Taming of the Screw - Forbes The humble screw has changed little in 2,000 years, until a stubborn engineer at Illinois Tool Works came up with a fascinating new twist. U.S. world position in education slipping - CNN report Among adults age 25 to 34, the U.S. is ninth among industrialized nations in the share of its population that has at least a high school degree. In the same age group, the United States ranks seventh, with Belgium, in the share of people who hold a college degree.

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