Knowledge and Learning In The News - 9/04/2005

KM disappointments: A reflection on ideas that never quite made it - Denham Grey KM has always been about access to information in some form (for learning, awareness, problem solving, decision making....). New Last.fm: Social Architecture Drives Music Experience - by Stowe Boyd The newest version of Last.fm is almost a perfect example of what I have been preaching about social architecture:
  • People Are The Living, Breathing, Beating Heart Of The Universe
  • Artifacts Bind Us Together and Define Us
  • Social Interaction Is Bottom Up, And So Is Everything Else
  • Social Stuff Absorbs and Trumps Domain Stuff
A Review of What Instructional Designers Do - Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology Systems Design (ISD) theories is extensive and extends at least as far back as the 1970’s Internet creates new opportunities for cheating, but also learning - Seattle Times When students use the Internet for research or homework aid, who decides which shortcuts are too short? The Hard Work of Failure Analysis - Harvard Business School Organizations cannot learn from failures if people do not discuss and analyze them. THE MORAL-HAZARD MYTH: The bad idea behind our failed health-care system by Malcolm Gladwell People without health insurance have bad teeth because, if you’re paying for everything out of your own pocket, going to the dentist for a checkup seems like a luxury.

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