Knowledge and Learning In The News - 9/13/2005

The Power of Conversation - Corante "I don't read anymore; I just talk to people who have." - Dr. Tom Malloy, University of Utah Visual Literacy - Phil Douglis Layers can play a huge role in the composition of an image. We can read these layers from front to back, or from side to side. Layers can be used to create incongruous juxtapositions, or can create perspective by implying depth. Intelligent reaction, not intelligent design - ZDNet The old model isn't dead, but what you can do iterating lots of releases quickly based on learning from users will ultimately be better for customers. Increase the Success of Your Knowledge Transfer Effort - CIO Magazine Never underestimate the complexity of knowledge transfer. That's a key principle for organizations preparing to embark upon an outsourcing effort. Since knowledge transfer is usually one of the first tasks of transitioning to an outsourced model, it is sometimes overlooked or under-planned, resulting in a shaky start to the outsourcing relationship. Moreover, it can be more complex than it initially seems.

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