Knowledge and Learning In The News - 8/21/2005

China and India a special report by BusinessWeek Rarely has the rise of two relatively poor countries been watched with such awe, hope, and trepidation. Where are India and China headed, and what does it mean to you? Learning about stereotypes reduces their impact by Cognitive Daily "Boys are better at math" is a stereotype decades in the making, and it has in some cases been borne out by testing measures such as the SAT. The stereotype has been around so long that many wonder whether the stereotype is the effect or the cause of any actual differences in math ability. John Seely Brown - Podcast (37 min) by ITConversations Using the example of Toyota's relationship with suppliers as a starting point, JSB covers four businesses where innovation is driven through interaction between suppliers and where the very nature of the traditional top-down business model is challenged. China Tries to Wipe Internet Icon from Web by Red Nova The government has created a special Internet police force believed responsible for shutting down domestic sites posting politically unacceptable content, blocking some foreign news sites and jailing several people for their online postings.

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