Knowledge and Learning In The News - 8/13/2005

Knowledge and Information, are they the same? by Albert Ip Information is manifestation of someone's part knowledge. Knowledge is all the accumulated experience I have since my birth. How Not to Connect on LinkedIn by Dave Taylor This is a general topic, actually, not one specific to LinkedIn, and I'll call it "how to network electronically" for lack of a better phrase. Innovation, By the Book by Kevin Ohannessian Books are changing their format. Publishers are catering to increasingly far-sighted baby boomers by enlarging print size. Connecting with the Flow by Jay Cross I used to think that things and facts in isolation had meaning, but in an age of relativity and the uncertainty principle, as I recognize the importance of stories, narrative, and context, I realize that when you get to the center, there's nothing there. Relationships, how things are tied together, are what matters. Flow by Donald Clark Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt wrote Canto Ostinato for various instruments and flexible duration. Ten Holt uses repetition and minimalist permutations to create an original, evolving work with ever-shifting moments. What if VisiCalc had been patented? by Dan Bricklin I'm not against patents in general (they are good for some industries, I guess), but I do have real problems with how they are affecting the software industry which has other means of protection and incentive that have proven successful to society.

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