Knowledge and Learning In The News - 8/06/2005

The Collapse of Globalism John Ralston Saul's new book The Collapse of Globalism is saying what most economists have been afraid to say: The emperor has no clothes. Performance management systems are about structure, transparency and fairness The only thing important in the performance management process is the alignment of individual employees to their job roles and that means (just so we have it clear) - the alignment of any job role to their supervisor's job role, the supervisor's alignment of their job role to their manager's job role, the managers job role alignment to the appropriate Directors portfolio of responsibilities, and last but by no means least, the Directors Job Role (portfolio of responsibilities) alignment to the outcomes desired in the organisations current business plan. Interview: Jerry Wennstrom on Learning The author is trying to explain the source of learning and creativity, and finds it in the removal of the self from society and in the listening to the inner voice, surrendering ourselves to the mystery of the self and the world. Yawn Over the Yuan (video) China dropped one currency peg for another to buy some time.

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