Team Leadership Model

A model for implementing Team Leadership: Team Leadership Model


Jeff Ingle said...

I found the information presented on Hill's Model of Team Leadership to be very informative and I have shared this information with my grade level team.

I found the section about teaching the team through both formal and informal means to be very thought provoking. My current team is the personification of dysfunctional. I am a convert to Professional Learning communities, utilizing Twitter, Blogger and Google Reader.

I have been doing some reading about the Cognitive Process of Socio-Affective strategies and learning. With the access to social technology and the ability to interact and learn from other professionals, I think that these tools along with other Web 2.0 tools can assist the Team Leader in helping the members of their team to become life-long learners. Do you agree with the Theory of Socio-Affective learning, especially for adult learners with respect to the use of social technology and Web 2.0 applications?

Donald Clark said...

Hi Jeff,
I agree that social learning and the new social media tools will have an impact on leadership teams. I wrote about one method of accomplishinghere - http://www.knowledgejump.com/learning/strategy.html