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Mental models (what a thought) - Dave's Whiteboard

A mental model is a description of how the world of some domain is organized. You often hear "mental map" as a synonym, because a map shows layout and relationships.

You can find mental models in documents; you can also develop them by talking with expert performers who can describe the models they use as they work.

Ten Things to Demand From Design Thinkers - Fastcompany

  • Get Clarity about Equity
  • Designers are the Storytellers
  • The Ergonomics of Understanding
  • Good Design is Good Business
  • Design Thinking Starts at the Very Beginning
  • Designers Need to Be Orchestra Conductors
  • Keep Design Assassins in the Crosshairs
  • Use Your Head Before Your Hands
  • Be a Good Shepherd
  • Obsessive Compulsives Welcome Here

Working Together - Harold Jarche

Even though all levels of complexity exist in our world, more of our work (especially knowledge-intensive work) deals with complex problems, whether they be social, environmental or technological. ...complex environments & problems are best addressed when we organize as networks; our work evolves around developing emergent practices; and we collaborate to achieve our goals.

Beware Social Media Marketing Myths - Business Week

For many business owners, social networking is as valuable as a Hot Pocket is nutritious, consider the following myths:

  • Social media sites are free
  • Social media sites are a great place to find new customers
  • You need to be on all the big sites
  • Social networking sites are for marketing
  • Social networking is the future

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