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Rippling Water

I don't know what title to give this post... UNCLE maybe? by Janet Clarey in Brandon Hall Analyst Blog

T+D publishes an article, "One for the Ages" and Janet writes that it gives the, "wrong type of advice for dealing with multiple generations in the classroom." And I strongly agree... how about you?

Mapping the learning space Clark Quinn in Learnlets

Clark maps the performance ecosystem space:


You might also like the Performance Typology Map and the Learning Concept Map.

E-Lessons Learned - Patti Shank in Training Magazine

Six lessons learned:
  • Online and classroom learning are not interchangeable
  • Traditional instructional design methods need to be rethought, especially for e-learning
  • Learners must be given what they need to be successful
  • We need to work better with Information Technology folks...
  • Buying e-learning infrastructure (such as a learning management system or LMS) before you know what you need is a great way to throw out money and time
  • Worry about where your advice is coming from

55 Ways to Get More Energy - Zen Habits

You won't be able to do everything on this list all the time - you'd tire yourself out trying to get more energy - but do try them all to see which ones work for you and your schedule. Add a few of these tips to your regular routine. Or mix them up to keep things interesting.

Talent Management Defined: - ASTD

A holistic approach to optimizing human capital, which enables an organization to drive short- and long-term results by building culture, engagement, capability, and capacity through integrated talent acquisition, development, and deployment processes that are aligned to business goals.

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