Rapid Authoring, Engagement, Design, & PowerPoint

Rabid Authoring - eel-learning
Is Rapid Authoring simply the dropping of ADDIE in favour of quickly reiterated prototypes or indeed of making it up off the top of your head and getting it out there same day? If that's the case why are we saying it needs instructional design?

Worker Satisfaction Is Overrated - eWeek
It's amazing how engagement has come out of nowhere to become one of the biggest buzzwords in the HR industry.

Foundations of Interaction Design - boxes and arrows
Somehow, products, services, and systems need to respond to stimuli created by human beings. Those responses, need to be meaningful, and clearly communicated and in many ways provoke a persuasive and semi-predictable response. They need to behave.

Technology and Its Discontents - strategy+business
A lot of people talk about the need for a new kind of business model and the spinout from universities and the small firm and the entrepreneurial small firm. That's been the talk of the last 20 or 30 years, has it not? And yet, here we have IBM, which is a terrifically old company and has gone through many generations of technologies, but it is obviously the same corporate entity, the same high-level innovator.

Hear no evil, see no evil: business e-mail overtakes the telephone - Network World
From a productivity point-of-view, the research shows that instant messaging, blogs and softphones are considered most disruptive, and could negatively impact productivity if not managed properly.

Ineffective uses of PPT
Common PowerPoint mistakes (video).

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