Multimedia, Human Cognition, Learning, & Facebook

Leveraging multimedia for learning - Ruth Clark
What works most effectively in reaching learners in digital environments? Fortunately, we can rely on over 20 years of research on the learning value of many of the multimedia features available to you today.

Human Cognition is More Reactive Than You Think - Will at Work Learning
The learner-centric movement of the 1990's and 2000's has relied too heavily on the notion that the learners always know best, and that they are in conscious control of their learning and we just need to let them make the best decisions.

Top-Ten Teaching and Learning Issues, 2007 - educause
The EDUCAUSE Advisory Committee for Teaching and Learning (ACTL) has identified the key technology-related teaching and learning issues in higher education for 2007.

Opinion: Facebook is killing personal blogging - Tech Digest
I signed into Vox the other day, for the first time in months. It looks like everyone in my personal neighbourhood has been similarly lax too - only one of my friends has blogged in August, and several last posted in May. It's like a Web 2.0 graveyard.

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Lets get more dogs blogging! Bow Wows and what is this facebook thing?
I'm gonna have to sniff this out.

We need to also make sure that the Neo-cons do not tax our emails and try to shut down the internet with a false flag effort.