Informal Learning, Copyright, Job Satisfaction, & Genius

Formal & Informal Learning - Knowledge Jump
Informal learning gets 86% of all learning investments, while formal learning programs get 14% of the total investment.

Hijacked Disney Characters Explain Copyright - Wired
A movie posted on Stanford University's site called "A Fair(y) Use Tale" mashes up all your Disney favorites to humorously and effectively explain copyright law. The ten minute movie, directed by Eric Faden, came out of Stanford University's Fair Use Project Documentary Film Program.

Job satisfaction doesn't guarantee performance - Seattle PI
Three decades of data derived from thousands of employees in a cross-section of jobs -- blue collar and white collar -- prove that although job satisfaction and job performance do correlate, one does not cause the other.

Genius: 2012 - The New Yorker
Video - Malcolm Gladwell talks about the importance of stubbornness and collaboration in problem-solving, and how long it takes to master any challenge. Via Anecdote.

Your learning skills were at peak when you were 6 to 10 The Economic Times
Before age 12, the brain is racing to wire itself, making more connections between nerve cells that in turn enlarge vital regions. This is a time of rapid learning, the reason why it is easier to learn a foreign language as a young child than as a teenager or adult, Gilmore said. Also, see SiAm.

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