Brain Theory, Digital, Design, & Mentoring

Jeff Hawkins' TEDTalk on how brain science will change computing - Ted Blog
Jeff Hawkins brought us the indispensable Palm and Treo -- now he's turned his attention to the human brain, looking to our gray matter for clues to the next generation of powerful computers and software. More on Jeff Hawkins.

David Weinberger's "Everything is Miscellaneous" - eLearning Technology
Digital technologies are are having an impact on knowledge creation and decision making.

Design Shouldn't Always Mean Instructional Design - Tom Werner
My colleague Janet Clarey noted a Jay Cross nanocast with Mark Oehlert, posted at Learning Light, in which Mark called for better design of the use of emerging technologies for learning.

Workplace Loyalties Change, but the Value of Mentoring Doesn't - Knowledge Warton
The researchers also learned that Sun's mentoring program was least effective for the highest performers. This was an especially startling result since most mentoring programs focus on developing high performers with high potential, and led the researchers to conclude that "the better investment for Sun would be to spend the money on lower performers to help them raise their level of performance."

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