knowledge and Learning In The News - 8/8/2006

Blackboard Patent - The Sky, My Friends, is Falling - Stephen Downes
eCollege has dropped the gloves and come out swinging against the Blackboard patent. "As one of the pioneers of online education, we launched our first customer's eLearning program in January 1997, before Blackboard even existed," said Oakleigh Thorne, chairman and CEO of eCollege.

THE GREATEST NANCY PANEL EVER DRAWN - The Woodring Monitor Sluggo falling or floating?

Scientific Knowledge Is Money in the Bank - Skeptical Inquirer
The scientific process is sometimes slow, but it always involves making educated guesses that eventually lead to predictions that can be observed and put to a test. If the predictions turn out to be incorrect, the test is still successful as long as scientists learn enough to modify the theory, find a better one, or uncover mistaken assumptions.

Taskonomies and Information Neighbourhoods - Green Chameleon
Taxonomies provide well-ordered, logical organization for well-structured retrieval, but "taskonomies" group things together that are required for any particular activity.

Diversity That is More Than Skin-Deep - Leader Values
Engaging diverse thinkers should be the goal of every organization for in doing so, it releases the organization to seek solutions that rise above the norm without cultural or social limitations. Organizations need to dig deeper by focusing on knowledge diversity for this is the cauldron in which creativity and success are brewed or fostered.

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