knowledge and Learning In The News - 8/22/2006

Edward Tufte, Offering 'Beautiful Evidence' (with audio) - NPR
"If your words aren't truthful, the finest optically letter spaced typography won't help," he says. "And if your images aren't on point, making them dance in color in three dimensions won't help."

The knowledge drought intensifies - On Line Opinion
Unlike older - one is tempted to add, wiser - societies, today's Australians do not particularly venerate knowledge. Indeed, we have a richly contemptuous vernacular for those who work with their minds rather than with their hands or with money. Yet, paradoxically, we value highly what knowledge delivers to us.

Training Top 100 Training Magazine
Training Magazine's top 100 for 2006.

Service keeps constant tabs on your social network - Seattle PI
But these days, the notion of calling someone to make plans on a Saturday night seems downright Jurassic to a group of young, tech-savvy Seattleites. "That's so '90s," said Brian Westbrook, 28, a support manager at Expedia.com who reserves gabbing on the phone for emergencies.

Innaresting. Yahoo Aims at Google's Cultural Grammar - Searchblog
There's been some reports about how Google is trying to stop people from using the term, googling. When I heard about it, I was like, "Hello, gift horse, mouth!"....People don’t often do what you want them to do, and brands are more about what consumers think, than what companies want.

Trained Goldfish - YouTube
Here's a delightful video of trained goldfish responding to hand gestures.

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