A to Z of Learning

aLearning (Alpha Learning) - To begin to understand, but not fully comprehend (has not groked or gLearned)

bLearning - (Blended Learning) - A mixture of media, such as cLearning and eLearning (brick and click)

cLearning - (Classroom Learning) - Learning in a classroom or formal setting

dLearning - (distance Learning) - Learning from an electronic device, such as eLearning, mLearning, or pLearning. May also include other media that is sent to the learner, such as mail

eLearning - (Electronic Learning) - Learning from the Internet (part of dLearning)

fLearning - (Formal Learning) - The learning goals are determined by instructional designers (learners may provide input)

gLearning - (Grok Learning) - To understand profoundly and intuitively (also see aLearning)

hLearning - (Horizontal Learning) - Learning something based on a horizontal continuum (there is no one right answer). It can best be learned in an collaborative learning environment (also see zLearning)

iLearning - (Informal Learning) - The learning goals are determined by the learner (organization may provide input)

jLearning - (Just in Time Learning) - Learning something at the moment of need and it sticks (not easily forgotten, also see qLearning)

kLearning - (Kindergarten Learning) -The basic skills Learned in Kindergarten that carry you throughout life

lLearning - (Laptop Learning) - Learning from a laptop computer

mLearning - (Mobile Learning) - Learning while away from home or office with a smart phone (may include pLearning or lLearning)

nLearning - (nonformal Learning) - The learning goals are determined by the business unit, such as manager or supervisor, normally used with oLearning (OJT)

oLearning - (OJT Learning) - Learning on the job through the direction of others (also see vLearning)

pLearning - (Pad Learning) - Learning from an electronic pad, such as an iPad or Galaxy

qLearning - (Quick Learning) - Learning something at the moment of need and it does not stick or is never used again (also see jLearning)

rLearning - (Redundant Learning) - Learning until one has thoroughly mastered a skill (trying to learn more will be useless). Sometimes call over-learning. Security and medical teams often use this method so it becomes second-nature

sLearning - (Social Learning) - Learning with or through other people (see uLearning for opposite)

tLearning - (Team Learning) - Used when two or more members of a team must learn different tasks that must be coordinated so that it increases the effectiveness of the team

uLearning - (Unilateral Learning) - Learning without the help of others (see sLearning for opposite)

vLearning - (Various Learning) - Learning various perspectives by gaining experience (normally on the job). Differs from oLearning in that vLearning is directed by the learner rather than a manager

wLearning - (Walking Around Learning) - Learning while walking around, normally through observation (adapted from Tom Peters' managing by walking around)

xLearning - (Xenodochial Learning) - Learning from others, especially in a diverse group of people who know little about each other, and they expect nothing in return

yLearning - (Yeoperson Learning) - Learning something that will promote the good of the common people or people in need

zLearning - (Zebra Learning) - Learning that is monochrome in nature (has only one correct answer or shade). May be easily learned through a cooperative learning environment (see hLearning for opposite)


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