Star Diagram of the Continua of Learning

In my last post, Should the Door be Closed or Open, Nick Kearney commented that the star diagram was a better representation than the various continua I laid out. I agree; however, since the star diagram is composed of continua, I think when discussing a particular one, as I did in the last post, it helps to just show the one being discussed.

As show in the diagram below, I did some adjustments to it (you can click the diagram for a larger version):

Star Diagram of the Continua of Learning

Star Diagram of Learning

As I noted in my last post, I put social learning and reflection on the same continuum (The Door), as the real purpose is that sometimes we need to be alone with our thoughts, while at other times we need to interact with others. And of course there are a lot of alternatives between the two (social reflection being one of them).

I also dropped the Purpose of Learning Continuum (intentional and incidental/serendipitous). While it is an interesting concept, I don't believe that it fits in with the diagram in that it does not help us to design better learning/performance platforms.

David Winter (@davidawinter) tweeted me with the suggestion of adding another continuum: Impact - 'reinforcement/augmentation' of existing understanding/behaviours/identity vs 'transformation.' After thinking about it, I believe it belongs on the Workflow Continuum (EPSS/performance support and training). However, I'm not sure which of the terms are better. I'm thinking that it should be called the 'Workflow Continuum' with augmentation on one end and transformation on the other. I believe that EPSS/performance support and training would be some of the options that lie between the two:


What are your thoughts?

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