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Online libraries are not libraries at all - David Weinberger
Online libraries will replace the basic function of libraries, but not the rest of what libraries mean to us. That may simply be lost to us, as was the clip-clop of horses on city streets.

Social Media Will Change Your Business - Business Week
Venture firms financed only $60 million in blog startups last year, according to industry tracker VentureOne. Chump change compared to the $19.9 billion that poured into dot-coms in 1999. The difference is that while dot-coms promised to make loads of money, blogs flex their power mostly by disrupting the status quo

Meditate on This: You Can Learn to Be More Compassionate - Scientific American
The way you are going to understand the emotion of someone else is by somehow simulating, experiencing the emotion. It makes sense that we found some activation of the brain region which is critical for the experience of an emotion.

design science - orgtheory.net
While the natural sciences seek description, explanation or prediction of what is, design scientists ask what could be, seeking betterment of the human condition.

How to Use Twitter in Higher Education - Silence and Voice
I decided that I will list my Twitter name on the syllabus for the class I am teaching that begins tomorrow, Project Management for Training. I decided to do this after reading an article in the Chronicle, Forget E-Mail: New Messaging Service Has Students and Professors Atwitter.

In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop - New York Times
To be sure, there is no official diagnosis of death by blogging, and the premature demise of two people obviously does not qualify as an epidemic. There is also no certainty that the stress of the work contributed to their deaths.

March 23, 2008

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